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Personal Injury Cases

Estate of Oliver Lacey v. Milwaukee Police Department

Lawsuit filed against the City of Milwaukee Police Department for their failure to arrest serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, resulting in the death of Dahmer victim, Oliver Lacey.

Estate of Lenise Nelson v. University of Chicago Hospital

Lawsuit filed against the University of Chicago Hospital for death of infant because of hospital's failure to allow infant to be brought to hospital by ambulance for medical treatment. Hospital claimed it was on bypass.

Estate of Huston v. City of Chicago

Lawsuit filed against the City of Chicago because paramedics responding to emergency call locked their keys in the ambulance resulting in delayed treatment and death of woman.


Confidential Settlement of retaliatory discharge claims tried in federal court.

Confidential Settlement of wrongful death claim against a Chicago Hospital.

$2,625,000.00 - Medical malpractice lawsuit filed against a Chicago area hospital and doctor for failure to diagnose and treat a brain aneurysm that ruptured resulting in the death. $1,875,000.00 paid on behalf of the doctor and $750,000.00 on behalf of the hospital.

$2,000,000.00 - policy limit confidential wrongful death/injury settlement.

$1,200,000.00 - Medical malpractice lawsuit filed against Chicago area doctor and hospital on behalf of patient who was hospitalized as a result of failure to diagnose gallstone induced pancreatitis. Multiple surgeries were required, including removal of spleen and much of his pancreas.

$1,000,000.00 - 3 story fall from defective rooftop deck. Traumatic brain injury with fractured femur. Policy limit paid.

$695,000.00 - Injury to elbow from gun shot. 

$501,000.00 - 3 story fall from defective porch sustaining numerous fractures and head injury. Policy limit paid.

$300,000.00 - Automobile accident with uninsured driver. Injury to leg and internal organs. Underinsured motorist policy limit paid.

$255,000.00 - Automobile accident with uninsured driver. Hip fracture with hardware insertion. Uninsured motorist policy limit paid.

$250,000.00 - Automobile passenger rear ended by another vehicle. Back injury with lumbar diskectomy and anterior fusion. Policy limit paid.

$205,000.00 - Tripped on concrete chunk in parking lot fracturing femur.

$238,000.00 - Driver of vehcicle suffered right hip fracture with hardware insertion.

$100,000.00 - Passenger in vehicle that crashed, injuring sinuses.

$150,000.00 - Driver rear ended requiring replacement of damaged spinal stimulator.

$75,000.00 - Driver of vehicle that slid off icy road. Hit by another vehicle that slid off same icy road. Cervical fractures no surgery, no wage loss, excellent medical recovery.

$70,000.00 - Riding bike when defendant opened car door into street injuring ankle.

$55,000.00 - Pedestrian hit by uninsured vehicle sustaining leg fracture. Uninsured motorist policy limit paid.

$50,000.00 and $18,000.00 - A mother and her daughter were injured in a car accident while waiting at a red light. The other drive ran a red light. The mother required back surgery and the daughter sprained her knee and ankle and missed the semester at school.  All medical expenses were negotiated as part of the settlement. The mother received the policy limits, and would have easily recovered underinsured motorist coverage if she had had better insurance for herself.  We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to protect yourself with under and uninsured coverage with your own car insurance.

$50,000.00 - Injured in vehicle collision, aggravating pre-existing arthritis in knee.

$50,000.00 - Passenger injured in head on vehicle collision. Fractured hip, surgery and eye socket injury. Policy limit paid. 

$39,000.00 - Dental malpractice when dentist negligently broke needle while administering a mandibular block.

$40,000.00 - Injured head in fall at restaurant.

$32,500.00 - Legal malpractice claim. Attorney failed to timely file lawsuit in an automobile personal injury claim.

$26,000.00 - Head contusion in auto accident.

$25,000.00 - Injured back in auto accident. 

$18,000.00 - Back strain in auto accident.