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Repetitive Trauma Injuries

Repetitive trauma injuries are caused by the repetitive or constant use at work of an employee's hands, arms, legs, etc., that results in injury. Repetitive trauma occurs over a period of time and not on a specific date. If there is no specific accident or injury date, employees in Illinois may still have a compensable workers' compensation claim.

An example of a common repetitive trauma claim is carpal tunnel syndrome. This painful hand condition can develop from repetitive use of an employee's hands while using vibrating power tools, for example. 

Generally, under Illinois law, the date of the accidental injury in a repetitive trauma case, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, is the date on which the injury "manifests itself." The manifestation date is the date on which both the fact of the injury and the causal relationship of the injury to the claimant's employment would have become plainly apparent to a reasonable person. 

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